The History of the Society

The origins of the Society can be traced back to 1926 when at a dinner dance in Cuckfield, a local Minister, Rev Boyd, led a committee to re-launch a Caledonian Society. The aims were, as at present, to promote Scottish Culture through a series of social events. An account of the function was detailed in the local newspaper.

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Past Presidents of the Society

J.Galloway                          1925-36

J.W.Galloway                      1937-48

W.Lindsay                           1948-57

E.J.Pierce                            1957-63

W.H.Bentley                        1963-65

R.J.S.Anderson                    1965-69

R.Frisby                               1969-73

J.E.Herbecq                         1973-76

J.S.Buchanan                       1976-79

J.Alston                               1979-80

E.M.Turner                           1980-82

B.K.Urquhart                        1980-85

Sir J.E.Herbecq                     1985-88

D.Davidson                           1988-91

Mrs Margaret G. Urquhart     1991-93

J.T.Robertson                       1993-96

Dr. B.Thomson                     1996-99

J.T.Robertson                       1999-2002

R.C.Imrie                              2002-05

Mrs Helen Clark                     2005-08

M. Roberts                            2008-11

Mrs Carol Blake                     2011-14

Mrs Marian Imrie                   2014-15

I Millar                                  2015-16

R Horn                                  2016-17

I Millar                                  2017-present

Mid Sussex Times

For the 80th Anniversary of the Society in 2006 a special programme was prepared illustrating the history of the Society with photographs taken over the years.  

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80th Anniversary.pdf

To celebrate our 90th anniversary one of our long-standing members, David Anderson, wrote a history of the Mid Sussex Caledonian Society, based on his study of the archives and minutes of the Society, going back to its creation in 1926.

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DBA History of the Society.pdf